Coffee With a Friend…

Life is so busy.1b306235168f30b41fe94285674eb4851

Work, family, hobbies, pets, bills, etc.

You name it, we do it.

So those rare moments when we take a “time-out” from life and just meet a friend for coffee and talk about anything and everything about life are special.

Today I did just that.  Starbucks.  Misto.  Comfy chair.  Any topic up for grabs.

In today’s society, so much is disconnect.  Facebook.  Instagram.  Twitter.  Texting.  Face time.

You can never replace the connection made when you’re face to face with someone.  The bond that’s formed.  The sharing that takes place that otherwise wouldn’t.

Humans were meant for companionship.  We were not created to be alone.  We were created for fellowship with others.  For supporting one another when times are tough. For laughing together.  Crying together.  Winning together.  Losing together.  All the bad in the world that happens we need one another to persevere.

Today call a friend (don’t text).  Invite him or her for coffee.  Or a walk.  Lunch.  Or any other face-to-face get together.

Take that time.  Relish those moments.  You need them.  More than you know.

I Wanna Be a Hawk…

Sitting in a tree.  Scanning the ground for your next meal to scurry out.

Just sitting.

Sitting and being.

And then flying!  Over everything.

Nothing else matters.

Just the wind beneath your wings.

Bald Eagles

I see bald eagles flying over King Soopers, my house, sitting in trees next to the roadway, soaring as they were meant to soar.  Hawks fly over my house almost daily as a couple have taken to living in our neighborhood.  They are seen everywhere perching:  on light posts, trees, wires, signs, etc.

There is something so majestic about these birds that I think:  If I could be one animal for one day, I’d be a raptor.  No doubt about it.  I’d love to see with their eyes.  Fly with their wings.  Dive with their speed.  Sit and watch and wait.  In the moment.  Always.

One of my favorite places and charities is the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, a non-profit who rescues injured raptors, heals their wounds, and re-introduces them back into the wild.  They also will keep the ones who cannot be re-introduced to the nature of their injuries.  And tragically but humanely they put down injured raptors brought in who cannot be saved (I myself had this experience many years ago when I found a hawk in the road, picked it up, and brought it in (that’s her below–a Northern Harrier I was told.  It was sad but it didn’t suffer.) Female or Juvenile Northern Harrier

If you love raptors as much as I do and are looking for an amazing charity, please consider this program.  They have a phenomenal education outreach program as well, visiting schools, libraries, and anywhere you wish in order to educate us all on their lifestyle and habitat needs.

Raptors around town:

An Owl
Bald Eagle

I’m Grateful I Can Run for Town Board…

This is my first foray into any type of public office.  It’s been on my heart for a while now and the timing is right.

So far, it’s been fun.  I’ve learned a ton about what’s happening in Windsor, CO (the greatest place to live in my humble opinion).  I’ve met some amazing people.  I’ve opened up to new opportunities, experiences, and events.

I’m extremely grateful I live in a country such as the United States where I can run for public office and represent others who put their trust in me.  It’s extremely humbling and amazing all at the same time.

I want to thank all of my supporters for such an opportunity.

Win or lose this has been an amazing ride!


Morning with the Mayor

Mayor Kristie Melendez addressing the crowd at the Windsor Community Recreation Center

Today was Coffee with the Mayor of Windsor, Kristie Melendez. If you want to find out what’s happening with Windsor, CO, in a pleasant, laid-back atmosphere, this is the place! I learned so much and I’ll share here.

We began with a question about Urgent Care, which is coming to the old Guadalajara restaurant building. As of yet, the Town does not know when it’s slated to open.

The Mill was brought up. Mayor Melendez explained how since the burning the Mill now has to go through the process for new construction. The developers are in the process but as of yet no date for opening or even what it will look like.

Rocky Mountain Sports Park was brought up. One citizen expressed his concern about many hotels opening up as well as sports fields. Mayor Melendez said the planning committee has not presented their proposal yet so she is unsure about if hotels are planned around the park.

One citizen asked about Raindance, which is the largest development in the queue in Windsor. There are slated to be 2000 homes built. The citizen expressed her concern about how she moved to Windsor for the small town with access to the amenities of larger towns. Mayor Melendez explained that Windsor is growing and her and the Board’s priorities is to keep the small town feel while dealing with growth. Windsor is expected to grow to 40-50k people in the next 20 years. She did say that fees have been increased on these developers for road development.

A citizen survey was recently completed that stated that safety is the number one priority for residents. The Chief of Police for Windsor, Richard A. Klimek, was in attendance and he addressed numerous questions on safety, drugs, burglaries, and traffic violations. He mentioned how Weld County School District now has a School Resource Officer working with kids in the schools, which is going very well. The Chief mentioned how don’t be afraid to call the police! They are available 24/7 to answer any concerns about person crimes, ordinance violations, or other quality of life issues. They strive for a 10 minute or less response time.

Traffic was brought up. The Town Board is doing all it can to figure out a solution for the big trucks going downtown. The Board is working with CDOT to see if 257 can be made straight. There is an impact study to see if Crossroads can be extended to O Street in Greeley. Working with the businesses themselves has led to some progress as some have agreed to try to use different routes for their heavy trucks.

Signage was brought up for crosswalks. It turns out these are more expensive than they appear, being about $10k/sign to install. Pedestrian responsibility was mentioned as well with regard to big trucks and their stopping time.

A new Town Manager should be in place by early April. The Town has hired a search committee firm to do a national search for the position and candidates and interviews should be held in March.

And water. A big topic since Windsor relies on the surrounding communities to provide us with water. NISP water storage project is still in the works but it could still be years out. A water treatment facility with surrounding communities is most likely in the future. However, water carries big price tags so it’s little steps at a time.

And that’s a wrap! This and more is what one can learn at these informal sessions. I would highly encourage all of you to come out when you get a chance and learn more about what’s happening in our incredible community. See familiar faces and new ones and get all your questions answered.

And, of course, there’s coffee!

My Fur Babies…

All in all I have 6 babies with fur: 2 dogs and 4 cats.

My wolfhound: My cat: My cats: 1220170439d.jpg My cats: Final cat: My Dane: