Town Board Candidates Orientation…

Last night, the candidates for Town Board were briefed by the heads of all the departments of the Town of Windsor.  From the Acting Town Manager to the Director of Public Works, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Culture to the Chief of Police, everyone was kind enough to brief us on their multi-faceted fields.

I was thoroughly impressed.  Many of these heads have decades of experience in Windsor and know their jobs inside and out.  Consummate professionals, all stayed late to help us understand their function in keeping the Town of Windsor running smoothly.

All the employees of the Town of Windsor have one thing in common:  love of community.  You could sense the pride they all hold for this Town and their role in it as they spoke.  I feel overwhelmingly blessed to live in such an amazing, beautiful, and caring place.

I would be honored to be entrusted by the amazing citizens of this Town to continue the good work that has been done and is being done by all the public officials who make this Town great.  I would be dedicated to this task with all my heart and soul.

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My Vision for the Town of Windsor and Beyond…

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If elected, my primary goal is to make your life easier.  We are pulled in so many directions these days that the last thing you want to worry about is how your Town is doing.  My job will be to listen to your feedback and to manage Windsor’s challenges in a fiscally responsible manner.  Fostering community events, managing traffic and construction concerns, promoting more affordable housing and business growth, and maintaining quality education and amenities are my top priorities.

Water.  Air quality.  The Mill.  Rocky Mountain Sports Park.  Raindance.  All huge and at times complex undertakings that it takes months (even years) to address.  My goal is to address these for you.  From the big picture to the little details I’ll put in the work so you all can enjoy your precious free time more when you’re out and about in Windsor and beyond.

Your litmus test and my definition of success:  Town matters run so smoothly you are unaware of their implementations.

Your job: enjoy all that Windsor offers!!

I’m Grateful I Can Run for Town Board…

This is my first foray into any type of public office.  It’s been on my heart for a while now and the timing is right.

So far, it’s been fun.  I’ve learned a ton about what’s happening in Windsor, CO (the greatest place to live in my humble opinion).  I’ve met some amazing people.  I’ve opened up to new opportunities, experiences, and events.

I’m extremely grateful I live in a country such as the United States where I can run for public office and represent others who put their trust in me.  It’s extremely humbling and amazing all at the same time.

I want to thank all of my supporters for such an opportunity.

Win or lose this has been an amazing ride!


The Journey Begins…

I’ve decided to run for Town Board of the Town of Windsor, CO.

I’m excited.

Yet also apprehensive.

I know it’s gonna be a lot of work with most likely good competition.  But I’m up for the challenge.

Step one is gathering 10 signatures for the nomination petition.  I did this simply by walking around my block.  Everyone I met was a registered voter and happy to sign.  It was cool to meet some of the neighbors even on a chilly night!

So, we’re off!  Stay tuned here for frequent updates!