I Lost…

Hey all!

I just want to thank those who voted for me for the Windsor Town Board.

As you all know, I lost.  I appreciate your support, and I will continue to serve on the Board of Adjustments for this great town.

As for the future, I’m unsure.  I’m praying about what to do next as I truly believed God wanted me to serve as a Board member (it’s obvious I was mistaken now).

I’m also unsure what to do with this site.  I started it with the intent to keep you all informed of what was happening when I was on the Town Board.  I will do my best to continue in that capacity although the Town Board does have information privy only to them.

I am also looking for other ways to serve so send ideas my way!!

Again, thank you to all who voted for me.  I’m eternally grateful for your support.

Last Day to Vote!!

Calling all Windsor Residents!Image result for image voting

Today is the last day to cast your ballot for your District Representative.  Let your voice be heard!  Windsor needs your help to keep this community the greatest place to live!

Every vote counts.

Drop off your ballot from 7 am to 7 pm today at Town Hall, 301 Walnut Street.

Thanks for voting!

My Platform…

Hey all!

The challenges Windsor faces are difficult.  If elected, I’m gonna do my best to listen to all sides involved and do what’s best for my constituents.  That’s why my website is short on stances.  I’m awaiting all the facts and input before deciding anything.  I intend to stay as in touch with District 4 as possible, which means meeting the folks, taking notes, and implementing their ideas.  What I believe does matter, but I’m gonna strive to be as impartial as possible and let the majority rule.

This is why I need YOU!  To keep emailing me what you think, what you want to see, ideas for the future, problems you encounter, etc.  My door is always open.  Please, please, please walk through it!Image result for trails windsor co

Like you, I want to keep Windsor the amazing place it is to live for all—those coming here and those who are already here.  This is possible–if all of us work together.  I can’t do this alone.  There’s too much at stake…

Thank you all who have reached out to me already and supported me.  I’m as anxious as you for April 3rd.  It can’t come soon enough!

Have a wonderful, wonderful week ahead!

Candidates Forum…

Image result for candidates town board windsor co

Last night was the Candidates Forum for the Town Board of Windsor hosted by the Chamber of Commerce at the Windsor Community Recreation Center.  After the candidates introduced themselves and explained why they are running, the candidates were asked multiple questions on major issues facing Windsor such as water, growth, acclimating the new Town Manager to Windsor, and the culture of this town.  The candidates had a chance for final words and a meet and greet with the public.

My take away:  Windsor will be in good hands no matter who is elected.  I was truly inspired and overwhelmed with the candidates.  Everyone has a huge heart for this Town, is very knowledgeable about the Town’s issues, and all want to do what’s best for the Town moving forward.  Windsor is incredibly blessed.

I’m excited for the election in just under two weeks as the residents make the difficult decision of who they want to represent them.  An offer was made for the new Town Manager as well, a position that has been vacant since late last year.  A lot of excitement ahead for this amazing community and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Hitting the Campaign Trail…

Us leaving the house!

Today was the first day I canvassed the neighborhoods in my district. I got out a map on my phone and started in and around my neighborhood. My two daughters helped me hand out flyers and talk to the folks!

I had some great conversations, many well wishes and greetings, and met a lot of dogs!

This is definitely the way to find out what’s important to my constituents. From the library to fracking to the new housing developments coming in to education and the police and much more, I heard from you! This is the only way I’m going to find out if I don’t knock and listen.

I appreciate all the wonderful conversations I had and well wishes. I loved meeting the neighbors and learning about them and their lives. It was truly a privilege today and I can’t wait to continue this tomorrow and every day until I’m either out of flyers or have hit all my constituents!

Leaving flyers

If any of you have a comment, question, or just want to leave me a note about what’s on your heart, hit the contact button at the top of this page. I’ll get an email and respond as soon as I can.

Thank you all and I look forward to tomorrow and more great conversations!

Town Board Candidates Orientation…

Last night, the candidates for Town Board were briefed by the heads of all the departments of the Town of Windsor.  From the Acting Town Manager to the Director of Public Works, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Culture to the Chief of Police, everyone was kind enough to brief us on their multi-faceted fields.

I was thoroughly impressed.  Many of these heads have decades of experience in Windsor and know their jobs inside and out.  Consummate professionals, all stayed late to help us understand their function in keeping the Town of Windsor running smoothly.

All the employees of the Town of Windsor have one thing in common:  love of community.  You could sense the pride they all hold for this Town and their role in it as they spoke.  I feel overwhelmingly blessed to live in such an amazing, beautiful, and caring place.

I would be honored to be entrusted by the amazing citizens of this Town to continue the good work that has been done and is being done by all the public officials who make this Town great.  I would be dedicated to this task with all my heart and soul.

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