The Controlled Chaos of Basketball Assessments…

The Town of Windsor likes to assess children before most sports in order to fairly balance out the teams.

Last night was basketball assessments.  And the scene looked like this:

Basketball Assessments at Windsor Community Recreation Center

This was before we started, but it gives you a sense of the number of kids.

This is my first season as a head coach volunteering to coach my son’s basketball team.  Admittedly, I know very little about basketball but when you get an email, saying they need a coach or your son’s team may be cancelled, you have to step up.  So I did.  With the caveat of I know very little and I do work some Saturdays.

The Town said fine so I said I’d do it.

Behind all this mayhem, the boys were sweet and cooperative.  It was a fun night, and I feel like I met half of the 5th grade boys in Windsor.  I’m definitely looking forward to a fun season!

The Summit in Windsor…

Yesterday, we celebrated my son’s 10th birthday at the Summit.  We all like bowling and we usually bowl on Sundays when we do go because it’s less busy.

We did 2 hours of bowling and almost finished 4 games in that time.  Then we did a few arcade games.  We got a couple of appetizers and some coffee.  We all had a great time!


The Journey Begins…

I’ve decided to run for Town Board of the Town of Windsor, CO.

I’m excited.

Yet also apprehensive.

I know it’s gonna be a lot of work with most likely good competition.  But I’m up for the challenge.

Step one is gathering 10 signatures for the nomination petition.  I did this simply by walking around my block.  Everyone I met was a registered voter and happy to sign.  It was cool to meet some of the neighbors even on a chilly night!

So, we’re off!  Stay tuned here for frequent updates!