I Wanna Be a Hawk…

Sitting in a tree.  Scanning the ground for your next meal to scurry out.

Just sitting.

Sitting and being.

And then flying!  Over everything.

Nothing else matters.

Just the wind beneath your wings.

Bald Eagles

I see bald eagles flying over King Soopers, my house, sitting in trees next to the roadway, soaring as they were meant to soar.  Hawks fly over my house almost daily as a couple have taken to living in our neighborhood.  They are seen everywhere perching:  on light posts, trees, wires, signs, etc.

There is something so majestic about these birds that I think:  If I could be one animal for one day, I’d be a raptor.  No doubt about it.  I’d love to see with their eyes.  Fly with their wings.  Dive with their speed.  Sit and watch and wait.  In the moment.  Always.

One of my favorite places and charities is the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, a non-profit who rescues injured raptors, heals their wounds, and re-introduces them back into the wild.  They also will keep the ones who cannot be re-introduced to the nature of their injuries.  And tragically but humanely they put down injured raptors brought in who cannot be saved (I myself had this experience many years ago when I found a hawk in the road, picked it up, and brought it in (that’s her below–a Northern Harrier I was told.  It was sad but it didn’t suffer.) Female or Juvenile Northern Harrier

If you love raptors as much as I do and are looking for an amazing charity, please consider this program.  They have a phenomenal education outreach program as well, visiting schools, libraries, and anywhere you wish in order to educate us all on their lifestyle and habitat needs.

Raptors around town:

An Owl
Bald Eagle

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