Important Issues According to You!

Image result for cafe 29 windsor coAt the monthly meetings with the Mayor (officially known as Coffee with the Mayor), the citizens of Windsor have an opportunity to ask questions about what’s happening in our growing town.

The Mayor of Windsor, Kristie Melendez, opened with follow ups from last month.  Transportation is a hot issue.  A preliminary trial for a public bus route from Greeley, Evans, Windsor, and Fort Collins is scheduled to begin in 2019.  This month the Town Board is close to purchasing additional land in order to build more Senior Housing.  The available Senior Housing is full and has a waitlist.  It is a priority of the Town Board to address this growing need in our town.

Water.  Again, another important issue as Windsor continues to grow and we are very dependent upon neighboring communities for our water source.  Updates on the Thorton Water project were given as well as our continued involvement with NISP.

A good deal of time was spent addressing our air quality and the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Windsor.  Windsor does have an emergency action plan in the case of natural disasters and other unforeseen events.

Finally, the construction project at CrossRoads exit off of I-25 was asked for an update.  Again, Windsor is partnering with Loveland and Johnstown to widen the road and prepare for more lanes in the future.  The Town has given money to this expansion project as now the Federal Government is requiring local governments to contribute to growing infrastructure needs.

This was all I had time to hear as I had to get to a local CrossFit competition and cut out early.  Again, a great opportunity to learn more about what is happening in Windsor and have your voice and concerns heard.  See ya next month!!

Pay it Forward!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!Image result for valentine's day

As a reminder, today for Windsor’s Kindness Week is:

Share the Love — Pay it Forward, extend kindness to others rather than a person that may have directly helped you.

Buy a stranger coffee.  Hold open the doors.  Let someone go ahead of you in line.  Carry someone’s grocery bags.  Compliment your co-worker’s outfit.  Bake brownies for your son’s class (this was mine).  Or simply smile!

The possibilities are endless!  Be creative and enjoy!

Update on Windsor Mill

Every day after CrossFit, I drive by.

It’s a sad site:

Historic Windsor Mill in Downtown Windsor, CO




The Windsor Mill. Destroyed by an arsonist(s) on August 6th, 2017.

This weekend The Coloradoan ran an update story on the investigation. Windsor Police Chief Rick Klimek said the case is ongoing as is the investigation. They are still soliciting leads from the public. People with information about the mill fire can contact the police department at 970-674-6400 or The ATF is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Blue Ocean Enterprises, the owner of the Mill site, is still committed to re-building the site. However, there is no time frame. As one can imagine. Starting from square one is challenging indeed.

However, hopes and dreams are still alive.  The Mill will return, becoming once again a vibrant part of our downtown and community.

The future is bright indeed!

Mill before its destruction:

Windsor rehab

Windsor Mill Today

In a Coffee Shop

In a coffee shop

Alone but not.

Steaming hot liquid

Delectably addictive.

Surrounded by stories

Some fun, some gory.

Connected by threads

Invisible shreds.


Indeed, life is splendid.

Town of Windsor’s Kindness Week


The Town of Windsor community is invited to participate in Windsor’s second annual Kindness Week February 11-17.  Residents are encouraged to kick off the New Year in a positive way.

The daily challenges include:

  • Sunday: Service Sunday, kick off the week with a good deed or act of service. Drop off donations for the Windsor Severance Food Pantry — nonperishable food items, diapers and other baby items, or school supplies — at Safeway and King Soopers from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Monday: Senior Smiles, brighten the day of a Windsor senior citizen.
  • Tuesday: Reach Out and Write, connect with someone who has impacted your life. Printable note cards will be available on the Town of Windsor’s Facebook page (
  • Wednesday: Share the Love — Pay it Forward, extend kindness to others rather than a person that may have directly helped you.
  • Thursday: Thank an Educator, recognize a teacher, mentor, or school staff member that has made a difference.
  • Friday: Recognize First Responders and Veterans, thank you banners for Windsor first responders and veterans will be available to sign at the Community Recreation Center and Clearview Library.
  • Saturday: Neighborly Nod, do something kind for your neighbor — shovel their walk, bring them goodies, or just spend time together.

I love how the Town is promoting good deeds to others.  How awesome!

Residents are encouraged to share their stories on Windsor’s Facebook page.

Leave a comment below as well.  I’d love to hear your stories!!


Why I’m Running for Town Board…

0106181029b.jpgWhen I tell people I’m running for Windsor’s Town Board, I often get a quizzical look.


Well, I’ll tell you why.

First and foremost, it’s about giving back.  I’ve been so very blessed in my life, and I feel giving of my time, effort, and energy to the Town of Windsor would be something I could do to help others and continue to support such an amazing community I live in.

When we moved here almost three years ago, I knew almost immediately that this was a special place.  Something inside of me wanted to do something to show my appreciation and gratitude.  However, I had no idea how to begin (can we say Google 🙂 ).  Soon, I discovered the volunteer boards of the Town of Windsor and quickly signed on.  I have served on the Parks, Recreation & Culture Advisory Board here in Windsor and currently serve on the Board of Adjustment/Appeals.  These are wonderful places to learn more about our Town and great service opportunities.

Second, I think Windsor has done a great job in managing growth.  With my finance background, I see my role as ensuring Windsor grows fiscally responsibly and in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan.  My priorities include keeping the small-town feel and community of Windsor as we grow into one of the most desired and affordable places to live in Northern Colorado.  My door will always be open to my constituents and what they think and feel regarding Windsor’s policies moving forward.  Fostering community events, managing traffic and construction concerns, promoting more affordable housing and business growth, and maintaining quality education and amenities are my top priorities.

Third and finally, the time is right.  My kids are older and I have more of myself to give to others.  I’m eager to help, eager to serve, eager to listen, eager to make a difference in my community.

So here I am!!!  With the answer to your question.

I’m super excited for this opportunity and possibility of making a difference in others’ lives.  Please feel free to email me or comment below with anything on your mind!