Today Do Something for Yourself…

Today I read a book.Image result for reading a book with coffee in hand

Usually I only read kids books out loud to my kids.

I finally ordered a book on Amazon that I’ve been wanting for a while and that I had gotten tired of waiting on the library for it to come in.

Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron (Review HERE)

It’s a fantastic book full of nuggets I needed to hear at this point in my life.

I had a million other things crying out for my attention:  laundry, dishes, paying the bills, etc.

Instead, I sat at my kitchen table, coffee in hand, cat in lap, and read.  Relaxing.  Fulfilling.  Restful.  More productive than chores around the house.  I fed the soul and the mind.  What else is better use of my time?

I encourage you to take a bit of time for yourself today doing something you’ve been putting off that you’ve wanted to do for a while.  Slow the pace.  Breathe in the silence.  Merge it with your soul.  Enjoy the moment.

You’ll be glad you did.

The Hoot of an Owl…

Muffled stepsImage result for great horned owl

A triangle three

Calling, calling

Who can it be?

Soft and gentle

Strong and smooth

The call arresting

Why would I move?

Stop and listen

The stillness echoes

You may learn something

And feel a bit more mellow!

I was walking my dog early this morning.  It snowed last night so our steps were muffled.  Three Great Horned Owls were calling (I think–I only could find 2 in the trees).  I love owls.  I love to listen to them.  They are so majestic.  So serene.  So cool!  A marvel in their Creation!

Listening to these fabulous birds call in the night, I felt overwhelmingly blessed.  To be able to walk my dog.  To be able to see nature in my backyard.  To overhear a private conversation.  It was probably either two mates calling to each other or a territorial ploy or a mix.  Either way I still wondered what they were saying in such synchronistic harmony.

Animals in all their glory humble me.  For always being who they were created to be.  No noise in their thoughts to distract them.  Living life simply and wonderfully.  Without complaint.  Despite the cold and the starkness all around.  Indifferent to what is happening around them and with other creatures or things.

Just living…

A goal I want to pursue.

Windsor’s Downtown Development Authority

Today was coffee at Toast Coffee & Wine with Matt Ashby, Director of Windsor’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA). Formed in 2011, the mission of the DDA is to attract more people to downtown Windsor, bring in more businesses, and help those businesses succeed and grow. They assist businesses with development, improvements, and are working hard on the Windsor Downtown Redevelopment Project which are three “backlots” the Town and the DDA own near Boardwalk Park that are vacant. The DDA works closely with the Town Board of Windsor as a partner in meeting Windsor’s Comprehensive Plan, which directs the priorities and direction of the Town of Windsor.

This redevelopment project will include a variety of destination commercial, office, and residential uses that will help advance the mission of the DDA to create a prosperous, vibrant, energetic, and clean town center. The project consists of three backlots between the railroad tracks and Ash Street. Brinkman Contractors was chosen as the main developer for this project.

The DDA is also heavily involved in the support of the Windsor Mill Revitalization. The DDA plans to assist the developer with rebuilding this historic and important site. Furthermore, the DDA is taken on a Wayfinding Plan, which will create and install signage directing visitors to key destination locations.

The DDA is a busy place! Matt Ashby, the Director, is passionate about Windsor and the Downtown. He’s very personable, knowledgeable, and doing an amazing job helping  Windsor meet the needs of its downtown as Windsor continues to grow.

These talks are held periodically, open to the public for question and answer and just to find out what’s new downtown! I learned a ton about what the DDA does and what the future plans are for our great town. Plus, the coffee is free! What could be better!

Important Issues According to You!

Image result for cafe 29 windsor coAt the monthly meetings with the Mayor (officially known as Coffee with the Mayor), the citizens of Windsor have an opportunity to ask questions about what’s happening in our growing town.

The Mayor of Windsor, Kristie Melendez, opened with follow ups from last month.  Transportation is a hot issue.  A preliminary trial for a public bus route from Greeley, Evans, Windsor, and Fort Collins is scheduled to begin in 2019.  This month the Town Board is close to purchasing additional land in order to build more Senior Housing.  The available Senior Housing is full and has a waitlist.  It is a priority of the Town Board to address this growing need in our town.

Water.  Again, another important issue as Windsor continues to grow and we are very dependent upon neighboring communities for our water source.  Updates on the Thorton Water project were given as well as our continued involvement with NISP.

A good deal of time was spent addressing our air quality and the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Windsor.  Windsor does have an emergency action plan in the case of natural disasters and other unforeseen events.

Finally, the construction project at CrossRoads exit off of I-25 was asked for an update.  Again, Windsor is partnering with Loveland and Johnstown to widen the road and prepare for more lanes in the future.  The Town has given money to this expansion project as now the Federal Government is requiring local governments to contribute to growing infrastructure needs.

This was all I had time to hear as I had to get to a local CrossFit competition and cut out early.  Again, a great opportunity to learn more about what is happening in Windsor and have your voice and concerns heard.  See ya next month!!

Pay it Forward!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!Image result for valentine's day

As a reminder, today for Windsor’s Kindness Week is:

Share the Love — Pay it Forward, extend kindness to others rather than a person that may have directly helped you.

Buy a stranger coffee.  Hold open the doors.  Let someone go ahead of you in line.  Carry someone’s grocery bags.  Compliment your co-worker’s outfit.  Bake brownies for your son’s class (this was mine).  Or simply smile!

The possibilities are endless!  Be creative and enjoy!