Coffee With a Friend…

Life is so busy.1b306235168f30b41fe94285674eb4851

Work, family, hobbies, pets, bills, etc.

You name it, we do it.

So those rare moments when we take a “time-out” from life and just meet a friend for coffee and talk about anything and everything about life are special.

Today I did just that.  Starbucks.  Misto.  Comfy chair.  Any topic up for grabs.

In today’s society, so much is disconnect.  Facebook.  Instagram.  Twitter.  Texting.  Face time.

You can never replace the connection made when you’re face to face with someone.  The bond that’s formed.  The sharing that takes place that otherwise wouldn’t.

Humans were meant for companionship.  We were not created to be alone.  We were created for fellowship with others.  For supporting one another when times are tough. For laughing together.  Crying together.  Winning together.  Losing together.  All the bad in the world that happens we need one another to persevere.

Today call a friend (don’t text).  Invite him or her for coffee.  Or a walk.  Lunch.  Or any other face-to-face get together.

Take that time.  Relish those moments.  You need them.  More than you know.

7 thoughts on “Coffee With a Friend…

  1. yes that is very true. I think I stumbled on the right post today. Since I was supposed to meet some girl friends today for lunch I had to call it off because I am not feeling well. Meeting friends face to face is like dreams come true. Internet connections are just fairy tales that will never become true to us. Moments together in reality is a must! Take care now all the best!

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