Today Do Something for Yourself…

Today I read a book.Image result for reading a book with coffee in hand

Usually I only read kids books out loud to my kids.

I finally ordered a book on Amazon that I’ve been wanting for a while and that I had gotten tired of waiting on the library for it to come in.

Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron (Review HERE)

It’s a fantastic book full of nuggets I needed to hear at this point in my life.

I had a million other things crying out for my attention:  laundry, dishes, paying the bills, etc.

Instead, I sat at my kitchen table, coffee in hand, cat in lap, and read.  Relaxing.  Fulfilling.  Restful.  More productive than chores around the house.  I fed the soul and the mind.  What else is better use of my time?

I encourage you to take a bit of time for yourself today doing something you’ve been putting off that you’ve wanted to do for a while.  Slow the pace.  Breathe in the silence.  Merge it with your soul.  Enjoy the moment.

You’ll be glad you did.

12 thoughts on “Today Do Something for Yourself…

  1. Good morning dear Jen and thanks for starting to follow my blog. What a lovely family you have! I like your husband as he looks like the kind of buddy you can share a beer and many laughs with. Next I like the feisty red-haired daughter that you are leaning on ( yes. we .the red-hairs, are mostly maligned but our loved ones can count on us) I commiserate with your plight with the Benjamin of the family: like my son, they hate to be photographed in family reunions, no matter how you try to coax them. I’m glad you ordered a book and enjoy that unexpected personal treat. But be careful with Amazon as it can intrude even in our innermost realm. Read my first blog of the new season on Monday and you will learn what happened in one of my dreams. To correspond your politeness I will start to following you too. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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  2. Oh dear I’m in trouble! I forgot “the blondie.” Tell her that she exudes tenderness as it goes without saying that she’s Daddy’s girl…I hope I’ve covered all the bases. With those majestic, expansive outdoors, don’t you have at least one family dog?

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