Important Issues According to You!

Image result for cafe 29 windsor coAt the monthly meetings with the Mayor (officially known as Coffee with the Mayor), the citizens of Windsor have an opportunity to ask questions about what’s happening in our growing town.

The Mayor of Windsor, Kristie Melendez, opened with follow ups from last month.  Transportation is a hot issue.  A preliminary trial for a public bus route from Greeley, Evans, Windsor, and Fort Collins is scheduled to begin in 2019.  This month the Town Board is close to purchasing additional land in order to build more Senior Housing.  The available Senior Housing is full and has a waitlist.  It is a priority of the Town Board to address this growing need in our town.

Water.  Again, another important issue as Windsor continues to grow and we are very dependent upon neighboring communities for our water source.  Updates on the Thorton Water project were given as well as our continued involvement with NISP.

A good deal of time was spent addressing our air quality and the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Windsor.  Windsor does have an emergency action plan in the case of natural disasters and other unforeseen events.

Finally, the construction project at CrossRoads exit off of I-25 was asked for an update.  Again, Windsor is partnering with Loveland and Johnstown to widen the road and prepare for more lanes in the future.  The Town has given money to this expansion project as now the Federal Government is requiring local governments to contribute to growing infrastructure needs.

This was all I had time to hear as I had to get to a local CrossFit competition and cut out early.  Again, a great opportunity to learn more about what is happening in Windsor and have your voice and concerns heard.  See ya next month!!

6 thoughts on “Important Issues According to You!

  1. You live in Windsor? My husband’s family moved there from Alberta around 1938. The Haddads owned a chain of grocery stores. Richard was an Allstate agent 33 years. We were both widowed and married in 1991 and I moved from Michigan to Windsor. I helped get Eddie Francis elected mayor of Windsor. Whatever happened to him?

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  2. Interesting concept.
    In the small town where I live in the south of France the mayor has an early morning open door policy.
    Anyone can walk in to talk between 7.30 and 9.00 on certain mornings.
    PS I would have commented on your About page, but that seems not to be possible.

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