Windsor, CO: The Windsor Mill’s New Look!

Since the Mill was burned down by a yet unknown arsonist, it’s been a shell.

However, a new look has been revealed, and all of Windsor is anticipating it’s re-opening.

It’s been paired down a bit and will not be as tall, but it will still retain much of its historic look and is sure to be a huge crowd-attractor when finished.

Can’t wait till construction begins!!

New renderings show the updated design for the Windsor

Windsor’s Downtown Development Authority

Today was coffee at Toast Coffee & Wine with Matt Ashby, Director of Windsor’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA). Formed in 2011, the mission of the DDA is to attract more people to downtown Windsor, bring in more businesses, and help those businesses succeed and grow. They assist businesses with development, improvements, and are working hard on the Windsor Downtown Redevelopment Project which are three “backlots” the Town and the DDA own near Boardwalk Park that are vacant. The DDA works closely with the Town Board of Windsor as a partner in meeting Windsor’s Comprehensive Plan, which directs the priorities and direction of the Town of Windsor.

This redevelopment project will include a variety of destination commercial, office, and residential uses that will help advance the mission of the DDA to create a prosperous, vibrant, energetic, and clean town center. The project consists of three backlots between the railroad tracks and Ash Street. Brinkman Contractors was chosen as the main developer for this project.

The DDA is also heavily involved in the support of the Windsor Mill Revitalization. The DDA plans to assist the developer with rebuilding this historic and important site. Furthermore, the DDA is taken on a Wayfinding Plan, which will create and install signage directing visitors to key destination locations.

The DDA is a busy place! Matt Ashby, the Director, is passionate about Windsor and the Downtown. He’s very personable, knowledgeable, and doing an amazing job helping  Windsor meet the needs of its downtown as Windsor continues to grow.

These talks are held periodically, open to the public for question and answer and just to find out what’s new downtown! I learned a ton about what the DDA does and what the future plans are for our great town. Plus, the coffee is free! What could be better!

Update on Windsor Mill

Every day after CrossFit, I drive by.

It’s a sad site:

Historic Windsor Mill in Downtown Windsor, CO




The Windsor Mill. Destroyed by an arsonist(s) on August 6th, 2017.

This weekend The Coloradoan ran an update story on the investigation. Windsor Police Chief Rick Klimek said the case is ongoing as is the investigation. They are still soliciting leads from the public. People with information about the mill fire can contact the police department at 970-674-6400 or The ATF is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Blue Ocean Enterprises, the owner of the Mill site, is still committed to re-building the site. However, there is no time frame. As one can imagine. Starting from square one is challenging indeed.

However, hopes and dreams are still alive.  The Mill will return, becoming once again a vibrant part of our downtown and community.

The future is bright indeed!

Mill before its destruction:

Windsor rehab

Windsor Mill Today