me and my kitty

Putting My Kitty Down

Today, I had to put my beautiful kitty down. She stopped eating and was in kidney failure. I couldn’t watch her starve to death.

What I’ll miss about my kitty:

  • How she laid on my side in the middle of the night
  • How she helped me roll out every morning
  • Her “Pet Me” meow
  • How she would sit next to me and meow till she was fed
  • How she would sit on heaters until I was done working out
  • How I called her “my shadow” because she followed me around
  • How she sat on my lap
  • How she used me as a stepping stone to her spot on my computer
  • How she moralled supported me every day at my job as she laid on my computer
  • How she used to sleep by my head
  • How I’d wake up in the middle of the night and she would be laying on my stomach
  • I’ll miss her presence the most

Now, she’s with my other pets, waiting on me to join them one day. Star Dust, I love you and miss you!

my cat helping me read. I miss her.

I Feel Empty Inside

It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced death. You forget the heartache involved until it happens again.

For my kids, this is their first real taste of it. They were so young when my other dogs passed.

While I am still surrounded by three cats and two dogs, there is something missing. It’s as if the family is not complete with my other cat gone.

I am finding it really hard to do anything right now…

I know time will heal, as it did the past.

Yet, I find that uncomforting at the moment.

Time heals because you move on and forget. I don’t want to forget…

Life sucks right now. I find no comfort in the Bible, God, or even my other animals.

So I find myself sitting, waiting, hoping, and praying

For time to heal.

And this sucks.

me and my kitty

What I Miss About My Kitty

Today, my cat died in my daughter’s arms. She had renal disease, as I posted HERE

My house is too quiet. My heart is too wounded. You love so much, and it hurts so much. Yet life goes on when you don’t want it to. In sum, life sucks at these moments.


  • I miss her meowing for milk every time I opened the fridge door.
  • I miss her meowing for food.
  • I miss her laying on plastic bags, cardboard boxes, clothes, and whatever else was on the floor.
  • I miss her purring on my lap.
  • I miss petting her.
  • I miss having to worry about putting food up because she would jump up and eat it.
  • I miss her curiosity.
  • I miss her darting out an open door every time one opened.
  • I miss finding her on the front porch at 3 am cause she darted out and got left.
  • I miss her catching our mice.
  • I miss her sitting outside on the back patio.
  • I miss her helping me roll out.
  • I miss her helping me do handstands.
  • I miss her helping me workout.
  • I miss her. Period.

my kitty