coping with the loss of your cat

Trying to Find a New Normal

I’m attempting to go about my routine with only a few tears here and there.

The reality is that there is a space that is left empty that my other pets cannot fill. Because they are not my kitty.

It’s progress that I’m not pushing. I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

Focusing on the good and not the bad.

Focusing on life and not death.

Focusing on the here and now.

coping with the loss of your cat

A Cloud of Sadness

A cloud of sadness hangs in the air here at my house without my kitty.

It’s empty. Very, very empty.

It’s very hard to care right now about anything or anyone.

It’s numbing. I have no more tears to shed.

I force myself to eat. To keep moving. Routine helps. Hoping work will help.

Hoping something will help.