What I Miss About My Kitty

Today, my cat died in my daughter’s arms. She had renal disease, as I posted HERE

My house is too quiet. My heart is too wounded. You love so much, and it hurts so much. Yet life goes on when you don’t want it to. In sum, life sucks at these moments.


  • I miss her meowing for milk every time I opened the fridge door.
  • I miss her meowing for food.
  • I miss her laying on plastic bags, cardboard boxes, clothes, and whatever else was on the floor.
  • I miss her purring on my lap.
  • I miss petting her.
  • I miss having to worry about putting food up because she would jump up and eat it.
  • I miss her curiosity.
  • I miss her darting out an open door every time one opened.
  • I miss finding her on the front porch at 3 am cause she darted out and got left.
  • I miss her catching our mice.
  • I miss her sitting outside on the back patio.
  • I miss her helping me roll out.
  • I miss her helping me do handstands.
  • I miss her helping me workout.
  • I miss her. Period.

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