my cat helping me read. I miss her.

I Feel Empty Inside

It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced death. You forget the heartache involved until it happens again.

For my kids, this is their first real taste of it. They were so young when my other dogs passed.

While I am still surrounded by three cats and two dogs, there is something missing. It’s as if the family is not complete with my other cat gone.

I am finding it really hard to do anything right now…

I know time will heal, as it did the past.

Yet, I find that uncomforting at the moment.

Time heals because you move on and forget. I don’t want to forget…

Life sucks right now. I find no comfort in the Bible, God, or even my other animals.

So I find myself sitting, waiting, hoping, and praying

For time to heal.

And this sucks.