I Lost…

Hey all!

I just want to thank those who voted for me for the Windsor Town Board.

As you all know, I lost.  I appreciate your support, and I will continue to serve on the Board of Adjustments for this great town.

As for the future, I’m unsure.  I’m praying about what to do next as I truly believed God wanted me to serve as a Board member (it’s obvious I was mistaken now).

I’m also unsure what to do with this site.  I started it with the intent to keep you all informed of what was happening when I was on the Town Board.  I will do my best to continue in that capacity although the Town Board does have information privy only to them.

I am also looking for other ways to serve so send ideas my way!!

Again, thank you to all who voted for me.  I’m eternally grateful for your support.

15 thoughts on “I Lost…

  1. I don’t know you or your town, but I am sure you are a great person. Maybe next time! I have friends that had to run for several years before their names finally got well known enough to be the popular vote… and won! 🙂
    Praying for you! Me and God have faith in you!

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  2. Losing does not mean you were wrong about the Lord’s will for you. Apparently the “finish” was not the finish he has in mind, but the things you learned and the things, inspiration, and community effort will probably be of use in his hands and plans in the future. The race you thought you were in is probably a race that you will recognize in the future. Best to you.

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  3. I do agree with #righteousbruin9#! Maybe, it was not the right time, in the future, you can try again because in politics things always change and the good opportunity may be waiting for you 🙂


  4. I haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know you yet. We’ve just met. But in my experience, sometimes God gives us a hint… sometimes an opportunity… and they’re not at all what we expected. You did start this blog for whatever reason, but now your voice has a place on the internet. And you don’t know who is going to be looking in for whatever reason. If you do the work well, I’m sure you’ll find great satisfaction, and maybe new opportunities may open up. The big question is in which way should this blog go? Maybe if you would share with your readers the way you see your town, it might add a unique light to your neighbors and friends, and even those who don’t yet know you. I send you my blessing from Jerusalem.

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