Candidates Forum…

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Last night was the Candidates Forum for the Town Board of Windsor hosted by the Chamber of Commerce at the Windsor Community Recreation Center.  After the candidates introduced themselves and explained why they are running, the candidates were asked multiple questions on major issues facing Windsor such as water, growth, acclimating the new Town Manager to Windsor, and the culture of this town.  The candidates had a chance for final words and a meet and greet with the public.

My take away:  Windsor will be in good hands no matter who is elected.  I was truly inspired and overwhelmed with the candidates.  Everyone has a huge heart for this Town, is very knowledgeable about the Town’s issues, and all want to do what’s best for the Town moving forward.  Windsor is incredibly blessed.

I’m excited for the election in just under two weeks as the residents make the difficult decision of who they want to represent them.  An offer was made for the new Town Manager as well, a position that has been vacant since late last year.  A lot of excitement ahead for this amazing community and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Town Manager Meet and Greet…

Image result for windsor coTonight the citizens of Windsor were invited to the Public Works Facility to hear from the final four candidates for Town Manager of Windsor.  The gentlemen were given about five minutes to tell us why they want the position and then were available for questions.  Afterwards, comment cards were provided where we could give feedback to the Town Board on who we thought would best fit the bill.

All are well qualified and have years of experience.  Any one I believe would be great planners for Windsor’s future.  Hence, in my opinion, what it comes down to is who will fit best with the Town and its citizens and who will have the heart to do what’s in the best interest of the Town and all of its challenges.  I definitely have my opinion (which I left on a card).

Thanks to all who came out tonight and gave feedback.  I’m sure the Town Board values your words and will work diligently when they interview the candidates tomorrow to determine the best fit.  This is an important position for Windsor at this crucial time in its history.  Like you, I’ll be excited to see who they choose and get this ball rolling!

Good luck, gentlemen!

Another Informative Saturday Morning with the Mayor…


We kicked off Windsor’s monthly Coffee with the Mayor with announcements. This coming Monday is a meet and greet at 5:30 pm with the candidates for the Town Manager position at the Public Works Facility. There will be hors d’oeuvres served and the candidates will speak a bit about themselves and will answers questions as well.

Tuesday is the Town Board Candidates forum hosted by the Chamber of Commerce at the Recreation Center. This is from 6-8 pm.

The question and answer session began with complaints about truckers not stopping at stop signs. Police Chief Rick Klimek answered, saying the truckers are ticketed when seen by the police. The police department is also gearing up to add a traffic unit as well. Hardships of pedestrian crossings were addressed as well.

Baseball and sewer projects were mentioned. A question was asked on if the library was still moving forward on a new voter referendum. Ann Kling from the library said it’s under review. She also said Friends of the Library is reviving and having a meeting on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm for those interested.

A gentleman expressed concern of cell phone reception at his home. A new cell phone tower was approved two years ago with no movement so far on construction. Broadband is also being studied with action expected in the Fall.

Ballots for the election can be dropped off at Town Hall.

The roundabout slated for 392 & 257 near the cemetery will begin construction in April. The stores being built around that area are awaiting completion of this roundabout first. It should take 60-90 days turnaround.

Jacoby murder was mentioned. Charges should be forthcoming.

The mayor followed up from last month about air quality testing and if testing was being done for benzene, a volatile organic compound, which the mayor said benzene is tested for in air quality tests.

Again, water dominated the conversation. Windsor still needs water for the future. There will be a water awareness campaign starting and education around water use has helped. Water conservation kits are also still available. And you are allowed to have two barrels to collect water.

Roads were discussed. The mayor urged citizens to speak to any Weld County Commissioners for County Road 74 improvements.

The Town is looking to buy more land for senior housing.

A Burger King is coming next to Christian Brothers Automotive. Associates in Family Medicine is looking to open an urgent care facility here in Windsor.

Old trees were discussed in terms of removal and who’s responsible for removing them. The mayor suggesting pooling communities to offer lower cost tree removal as well since removing a huge trees costs thousands of dollars.

The mayor reminded everyone that summer break for the kiddos will be longer this year due to the school construction so to watch out for them. Another lady was wondering if there was a kid organization that offered spring clean ups for senior citizens.

Fun Fact: The City of Greeley owns Lake Loveland.

And that’s a wrap. I had to duck out early as on most of these because I coach on Saturdays at 9 am. However, these meetings on Saturday mornings are great opportunities to learn more about what’s happening in Windsor.  It’s a relaxed, informal atmosphere with coffee to boot!  Who could ask for more?  I hope to see you next month!!