My Vision for the Town of Windsor and Beyond…

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If elected, my primary goal is to make your life easier.  We are pulled in so many directions these days that the last thing you want to worry about is how your Town is doing.  My job will be to listen to your feedback and to manage Windsor’s challenges in a fiscally responsible manner.  Fostering community events, managing traffic and construction concerns, promoting more affordable housing and business growth, and maintaining quality education and amenities are my top priorities.

Water.  Air quality.  The Mill.  Rocky Mountain Sports Park.  Raindance.  All huge and at times complex undertakings that it takes months (even years) to address.  My goal is to address these for you.  From the big picture to the little details I’ll put in the work so you all can enjoy your precious free time more when you’re out and about in Windsor and beyond.

Your litmus test and my definition of success:  Town matters run so smoothly you are unaware of their implementations.

Your job: enjoy all that Windsor offers!!

9 thoughts on “My Vision for the Town of Windsor and Beyond…

  1. Windsor, Ontario, was in the past looked down on as too white collar and not worth going to. But now they have English Gardens everywhere. They have a special park of about an acre full of paths and flowers and there are lots of wedding pictures taken there. They also have English Gardens all along the Detroit River and have made it illegal to build anything along the river among the gardens. In the winter the ice flow on the river is too strong for ice skating, but they still have park benches along it. One part of the city used to be a War of 1812 fort (all buildings gone). They turned it into a park and once a year invite reenactors and other frontier deisplayers to come.

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