What I Miss About My Great Dane

What I miss about my Great Dane:

  • His deep bark whenever anyone came to the door or on the property
  • His “whisper” he did in puppy training
  • His fierce protection of our family
  • His super soft ears
  • His huge front paws
  • How he was obsessed with food
  • His kind, gentle nature
  • His obsession with routine
  • His intense dislike of any change
  • Him in the garage every day as I worked out
  • His whining at my TrueForm runner
  • Being scared of his own shadow
  • How he laid on the front porch every morning to soak up the sun’s rays, blocking the front door
  • How he was insanely jealous of his sister, Jewel
  • How he pulled during walks and I couldn’t ever get him to stop
  • How he was afraid of the dog ramp
  • How the first day we moved, he got out, when down a dirt road, and stopped and barked till we came and got him
  • His look when he did something wrong, but he loped anyway
  • His droopy eyes
  • How he kept getting sunstroke when he couldn’t walk and got stuck in the sun
  • How I picked him up every day when he couldn’t walk, not wanting to ever let him go…
  • His cute winter sweater
  • The day I knew he was ready to go home

You can watch his memorial video here: