Another Informative Saturday Morning with the Mayor…


We kicked off Windsor’s monthly Coffee with the Mayor with announcements. This coming Monday is a meet and greet at 5:30 pm with the candidates for the Town Manager position at the Public Works Facility. There will be hors d’oeuvres served and the candidates will speak a bit about themselves and will answers questions as well.

Tuesday is the Town Board Candidates forum hosted by the Chamber of Commerce at the Recreation Center. This is from 6-8 pm.

The question and answer session began with complaints about truckers not stopping at stop signs. Police Chief Rick Klimek answered, saying the truckers are ticketed when seen by the police. The police department is also gearing up to add a traffic unit as well. Hardships of pedestrian crossings were addressed as well.

Baseball and sewer projects were mentioned. A question was asked on if the library was still moving forward on a new voter referendum. Ann Kling from the library said it’s under review. She also said Friends of the Library is reviving and having a meeting on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm for those interested.

A gentleman expressed concern of cell phone reception at his home. A new cell phone tower was approved two years ago with no movement so far on construction. Broadband is also being studied with action expected in the Fall.

Ballots for the election can be dropped off at Town Hall.

The roundabout slated for 392 & 257 near the cemetery will begin construction in April. The stores being built around that area are awaiting completion of this roundabout first. It should take 60-90 days turnaround.

Jacoby murder was mentioned. Charges should be forthcoming.

The mayor followed up from last month about air quality testing and if testing was being done for benzene, a volatile organic compound, which the mayor said benzene is tested for in air quality tests.

Again, water dominated the conversation. Windsor still needs water for the future. There will be a water awareness campaign starting and education around water use has helped. Water conservation kits are also still available. And you are allowed to have two barrels to collect water.

Roads were discussed. The mayor urged citizens to speak to any Weld County Commissioners for County Road 74 improvements.

The Town is looking to buy more land for senior housing.

A Burger King is coming next to Christian Brothers Automotive. Associates in Family Medicine is looking to open an urgent care facility here in Windsor.

Old trees were discussed in terms of removal and who’s responsible for removing them. The mayor suggesting pooling communities to offer lower cost tree removal as well since removing a huge trees costs thousands of dollars.

The mayor reminded everyone that summer break for the kiddos will be longer this year due to the school construction so to watch out for them. Another lady was wondering if there was a kid organization that offered spring clean ups for senior citizens.

Fun Fact: The City of Greeley owns Lake Loveland.

And that’s a wrap. I had to duck out early as on most of these because I coach on Saturdays at 9 am. However, these meetings on Saturday mornings are great opportunities to learn more about what’s happening in Windsor.  It’s a relaxed, informal atmosphere with coffee to boot!  Who could ask for more?  I hope to see you next month!!

Clearview Library in Windsor

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I had the opportunity to go on a tour of Windsor’s library, which serves Severance, Windsor, West Greeley and the Weld County side of Fort Collins.

This library has something for everyone.  Great adult book selections with cozy seats by the fireplace to sit and read.  Daily newspapers. Magazines.  CD’s and DVD’s.  An enclosed quiet area for individual study.  Internet access.

Clearview Library clearly has a heart for kids from the little guys on up to the teens.  A hands-on book learning area.  An area for the Paws for Learning where therapy dogs are available to be read to.  Computers with games.  A separate teen area.  Storytime as well for the little ones.  Not to mention the programming from Coding to gathering such as GLOW, teens are encouraged to use the library as a community space.

The library boasts a Bookmobile that has a constantly changing variety of books, which travels all over the service area.  Volunteers also bring books to those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Events and services are offered constantly as well.  Currently, in tax season, licensed CPA’s volunteer their time and talents to assist others with their taxes.  Programming for adults, teens, and kids from coding to crafts to cooking classes to Legos, there’s a wide array for everyone.  There are also meeting rooms available for use.

The library is looking to expand by building a new facility.  This library will boast a meeting room for 300 people, which would be the largest space available in Windsor for the community’s use.  It would double the square footage (17,000 to 38,000 square feet) and is meant to be a library to last for decades to serve the growing population in and around Windsor.  This would require taxpayer dollars and the initial ballot referendum failed.  The library is re-evaluating costs and will probably present a new proposal before voters in the near future.

Overall, wonderful place with an amazing, helpful staff whose hearts are anchored in this community.  Stay abreast of the latest events and happenings at their website  Enjoy!


Hitting the Campaign Trail…

Us leaving the house!

Today was the first day I canvassed the neighborhoods in my district. I got out a map on my phone and started in and around my neighborhood. My two daughters helped me hand out flyers and talk to the folks!

I had some great conversations, many well wishes and greetings, and met a lot of dogs!

This is definitely the way to find out what’s important to my constituents. From the library to fracking to the new housing developments coming in to education and the police and much more, I heard from you! This is the only way I’m going to find out if I don’t knock and listen.

I appreciate all the wonderful conversations I had and well wishes. I loved meeting the neighbors and learning about them and their lives. It was truly a privilege today and I can’t wait to continue this tomorrow and every day until I’m either out of flyers or have hit all my constituents!

Leaving flyers

If any of you have a comment, question, or just want to leave me a note about what’s on your heart, hit the contact button at the top of this page. I’ll get an email and respond as soon as I can.

Thank you all and I look forward to tomorrow and more great conversations!

Eye Over Windsor…

Windsor, CO
Windsor, CO

Women of Aviation, an organization dedicated to getting more girls into flying and aviation, come to the Northern Colorado Regional Airport for the first time this week. As part of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week (WOAW), girls and women of all ages were able to fly either in an airplane or helicopter for free.

Their stated mission:  “Most pilots owe their start in aviation to another pilot who noticed their interest and offered them a ‘ride’.

Fly It Forward® is a call of action to all pilots to extend the tradition to girls and women. During Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, pilots are invited to give girls and women who have never flown in a small aircraft previously, a first flight experience. The goal of Fly It Forward® is to spark aviation vocations among the female population.”

My girls and I were lucky enough to secure a spot and yesterday we flew!

This was pre-flight as you can tell by the smile on my face!
This was pre-flight as you can tell by the smile on my face!


Our pilot was an older gentleman named John. He oriented us to his airplane (one that sat only 4) and got us seated. He started up and we taxied to the end of the runway. Here, he takes out a pre-checklist before we take off. Then he gets out and inspects his engine. Things all pilots due, but seeing it in action made me nervous.

Off we went. We told him we lived in Windsor, so he flew us overhead to find our house. My middle daughter was the co-pilot, and she actually got to fly for a bit. My girls have never flown before (except when they were babies), so they were super excited.

Me? Not so much. I get airsick every time I fly and did everything possible to get out of this. I kept saying how we were all going to crash and die and I didn’t want to leave my husband and son alone and what if Mommy just stayed behind and took photos and waved from the safety and security of the unmoving earth beneath my feet…

But my girls were having none of it.

Needless to say, I enjoyed the flight for a grand total of 3 minutes. Then the air around me became oppressive.  I started to sweat profusely.  My head hurt and started swimming.  My stomach churned and the nausea bag was within reach, thank God.  We had to return a few minutes early because I had visions of me puking in this tiny plane and ruining the experience for all involved.  I put my head in my hands the rest of the flight and prayed.

We touched down, and I ran to the bathroom.  Not a pretty sight.

I had a massive headache for hours afterwards, and even after I ate and drank, I felt horrible.

I swore off flying for good, wondering why I choose to torture myself like this…

On the flip side, my daughters had a great time, loved every minute of it, and wanted to go again.

“Thanks, Mom! That was awesome! Everything looks so different from the air! I got to fly! Did you see our house from the air?!  That was so cool!”

The sacrifices I make for my children once again go unnoticed, unappreciated, and disregarded.

Ah, the story of parenthood…

Town Board Candidates Orientation…

Last night, the candidates for Town Board were briefed by the heads of all the departments of the Town of Windsor.  From the Acting Town Manager to the Director of Public Works, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Culture to the Chief of Police, everyone was kind enough to brief us on their multi-faceted fields.

I was thoroughly impressed.  Many of these heads have decades of experience in Windsor and know their jobs inside and out.  Consummate professionals, all stayed late to help us understand their function in keeping the Town of Windsor running smoothly.

All the employees of the Town of Windsor have one thing in common:  love of community.  You could sense the pride they all hold for this Town and their role in it as they spoke.  I feel overwhelmingly blessed to live in such an amazing, beautiful, and caring place.

I would be honored to be entrusted by the amazing citizens of this Town to continue the good work that has been done and is being done by all the public officials who make this Town great.  I would be dedicated to this task with all my heart and soul.

Related image

My Vision for the Town of Windsor and Beyond…

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If elected, my primary goal is to make your life easier.  We are pulled in so many directions these days that the last thing you want to worry about is how your Town is doing.  My job will be to listen to your feedback and to manage Windsor’s challenges in a fiscally responsible manner.  Fostering community events, managing traffic and construction concerns, promoting more affordable housing and business growth, and maintaining quality education and amenities are my top priorities.

Water.  Air quality.  The Mill.  Rocky Mountain Sports Park.  Raindance.  All huge and at times complex undertakings that it takes months (even years) to address.  My goal is to address these for you.  From the big picture to the little details I’ll put in the work so you all can enjoy your precious free time more when you’re out and about in Windsor and beyond.

Your litmus test and my definition of success:  Town matters run so smoothly you are unaware of their implementations.

Your job: enjoy all that Windsor offers!!