Hitting the Campaign Trail…

Us leaving the house!

Today was the first day I canvassed the neighborhoods in my district. I got out a map on my phone and started in and around my neighborhood. My two daughters helped me hand out flyers and talk to the folks!

I had some great conversations, many well wishes and greetings, and met a lot of dogs!

This is definitely the way to find out what’s important to my constituents. From the library to fracking to the new housing developments coming in to education and the police and much more, I heard from you! This is the only way I’m going to find out if I don’t knock and listen.

I appreciate all the wonderful conversations I had and well wishes. I loved meeting the neighbors and learning about them and their lives. It was truly a privilege today and I can’t wait to continue this tomorrow and every day until I’m either out of flyers or have hit all my constituents!

Leaving flyers

If any of you have a comment, question, or just want to leave me a note about what’s on your heart, hit the contact button at the top of this page. I’ll get an email and respond as soon as I can.

Thank you all and I look forward to tomorrow and more great conversations!

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