Why I’m Running for Town Board…

0106181029b.jpgWhen I tell people I’m running for Windsor’s Town Board, I often get a quizzical look.


Well, I’ll tell you why.

First and foremost, it’s about giving back.  I’ve been so very blessed in my life, and I feel giving of my time, effort, and energy to the Town of Windsor would be something I could do to help others and continue to support such an amazing community I live in.

When we moved here almost three years ago, I knew almost immediately that this was a special place.  Something inside of me wanted to do something to show my appreciation and gratitude.  However, I had no idea how to begin (can we say Google 🙂 ).  Soon, I discovered the volunteer boards of the Town of Windsor and quickly signed on.  I have served on the Parks, Recreation & Culture Advisory Board here in Windsor and currently serve on the Board of Adjustment/Appeals.  These are wonderful places to learn more about our Town and great service opportunities.

Second, I think Windsor has done a great job in managing growth.  With my finance background, I see my role as ensuring Windsor grows fiscally responsibly and in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan.  My priorities include keeping the small-town feel and community of Windsor as we grow into one of the most desired and affordable places to live in Northern Colorado.  My door will always be open to my constituents and what they think and feel regarding Windsor’s policies moving forward.  Fostering community events, managing traffic and construction concerns, promoting more affordable housing and business growth, and maintaining quality education and amenities are my top priorities.

Third and finally, the time is right.  My kids are older and I have more of myself to give to others.  I’m eager to help, eager to serve, eager to listen, eager to make a difference in my community.

So here I am!!!  With the answer to your question.

I’m super excited for this opportunity and possibility of making a difference in others’ lives.  Please feel free to email me or comment below with anything on your mind!

53 thoughts on “Why I’m Running for Town Board…

  1. That sounds like a very worthy plan and it’s always good to hear that someone is running for office so they can give back to their community. Around here (Florida’s space coast) it seems like far too many run because they want power.

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  2. Hi, Jen –
    Thanks for the follow! You seem to very active in life, however at my blog you’ll mostly find nature photography, but then plenty of it!
    With large and small I have posted nearly 7 000 ‘full screen’ pictues on my blog.
    Please enjoy!

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  3. Congratulations on running for the town board position!! The world needs more folks like you who understand the value of volunteering and throw yourself wholeheartedly into the effort. I live in Talkeetna, Alaska and I’ve sat on the board of the Upper Susitna Food Pantry and am now a board member of the Sunshine Community Healthcare Clinic which is the only source of professional medical care within 60 miles. I felt both positions were vital to assist in making the respective operations as robust, far reaching and financially stable as possible. Like you, I felt it was time to start giving back and as I moved from SE Michigan to Talkeetna in August of 2013 I also saw volunteering as a means to learn more about my new home. Talkeetna is unincorporated and has maybe 500 year round residents with another perhaps 250 ‘snow birds’ so I think it qualifies as a ‘small town’. Again, congratulations on your decision and the very best of luck in your race!

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  4. Thank you for following me and my blog. I am also a mum of a grown up young lady and I now have time on my hand creating my own business doing other things and helping those who needs others. I love life more when I meet women like you who are courageous and who touch the world with their hearts. The world needs more women to rule, women with who has a difference to show within their hearts We women, we won the world long time ago, and we will continue to win as long as we are breathing. Keep up the work for your people, you will win and if you don’t you will still be a winner, just stand by them and do your work. Good Luck and all the best!

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    1. Thanks for asking! So far, so good. I haven’t gotten into it much yet. So much happens in the last 3 weeks. I’m starting door-to-door on Thurs (I’ll post on that) but nothing too out there so far! Thanks for asking!!


    1. Great Question!

      For me, it was going door-to-door and making people aware of the campaign and the issues and hearing what they have to say. It’s a great way to connect and get people excited about the future. So, awareness and issues.

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  5. I was surprised to learn that colleges teach courses in statistics that can be used to predict human behavior: these techniques are used by commercial companies who want to know how to get people to buy their products, and by politicians to know how to get people to vote for them.

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